Change my Life


Nina, 45, is a stage actress. One day, totally depressed, and assailed by a feeling that she’s messed up her life, Nina panics and swallows some sleeping pills. She staggers into the street and collapses in Batignolles Square. People walk on by, taking sidelong glances, not stopping. Except for Sami, an Algerian man in his thirties, who is training in the park. Once out of hospital, Nina wants to find the man who saved her. The only person who came to her rescue… Nina, screwed-up actress, falls for Sami, Algerian marathon runner whose broken dreams have forced him into prostitution as a transvestite. He clings to this love affair in order to not sink any lower. They both fight tooth and nail to change their situation, to rescue one another.



Liria Bégéja

main actors

Fanny Ardant, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila

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French Distributor

Pan-Européenne Edition

International sales