Camping Farm


Social worker Amar is taking six urban youths to do their community service in the country, and it’s the biggest challenge of his life. For their part, gorgeous farmer’s daughter Anaïs and her brother Leo, are over the moon. At last, some excitement! The rest of the villagers aren’t so thrilled… How will the country folk accept these delinquents on their land? How will Amar win their trust? How will kids raised in the concrete jungle handle Nature and its many dangers – greenery, fresh air, chickens on the loose? And how can you hit on the girl of your wildest dreams when you’re pals are your potential rivals? An uproarious and touching comedy from the award-winning director of NATIONALE 7 (UNEASY RIDERS) and VIVRE ME TUE (LIFE KILLS ME).



Jean-Pierre Sinapi

main actors

Roschdy Zem, Julie Delarme, Dominique Pinon

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French Distributor

Pan-Européenne Edition

International sales

Wild Bunch