an Independent Life


Valerka, the hero of “Bouge pas, Meurs, Ressucite”, has grown up. Unfairly expelled from a vocational-training school and knowing he has partially ruined his mother’s life, Valerka leaves Sutchan for the north and the mouth of the Love River. It is a voyage of initiation that takes him to Nilolayevsk-upon-Love where he is hoping to find an aunt he has never seen. He discovers a world of grown-ups and daily concerns. He goes back over his life and reviews the lies and treachery that have hallmarked it. He puts his childhood and adolescence behind him as he grows into adulthood…


  • Director

    Vitali Kanevski

  • Main actors

    Pavel Nazarov, Dinara Droukarov, Toshihiro Natanabe

  • Release date

    September 30th 1992

  • Price

    Official selections 1992

    • Cannes Festival – Jury Prize
    • Berlin International Film Festival
  • Production

    PXP Productions

  • French Distributor

    Pan-Européenne Edition

  • International sales


  • Trailer