Light weight


Fierce, fast and strong, Antoine is a boxer, category: lightweight. Chef, who manages an amateur club where Antoine trains, is proud of his young protégé. When he’s not training, Antoine earns a living working at a funeral parlor.

However, he’s troubled and unstable. Boxing isn’t enough, he can’t channel his energy.

His love affair with Su might offer a solution. But Antoine must deal with his destructive impulses in order to be able to truly engage with life.


  • Director

    Jean-Pierre Améris

  • Main actors

    Nicolas Duvauchelle, Bernard Campan, Maï Anh Le

  • Release date

    June 9th 2004

  • Price

    Parallel selection 2004

    • Cannes Film Festival “Un certain regard”
  • Production


  • French Distributor

    Pan-Européenne Edition

  • International sales

    Pyramide International

  • Trailer