Deliver me from Evil


Jean-Jacques has spent 9 years in prison for robbery. Upon his release, he returns to the neighborhood where he grew up, but things have changed… The country is in crisis mode, young people are running the business, and his old friends urge him to get pick up where he left off… Perhaps it is the moment for Jean-Jacques to ask himself a few tough questions. But he risks falling back into his old patterns when Nassim, a person he met in prison who has now become a friend, gets in touch, needing his help. At a crossroads, Jean-Jacques is caught between his contradictions: a multiracial man adopted by a white family, a convert to Islam, attracted by two women, torn between finding a place in society and deliquency. Will the search for his origins enable him to get off to a new start?


  • Director

    Jean-Michel Correia

  • Main actors

    Jean-Michel Correia, Karim Leklou

  • Release date

    January 14th 2015

  • Production


  • French Distributor

    Universal Pictures

  • International sales


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