That’s Life


Dimitri enters La Maison, a hospice. There he meets Suzanne, a volunteer caregiver for people with terminal illnesses. This radiant, vivacious young woman’s receptiveness to everyone around her masks a secret, an emotional crack. Dimitri thought it was all over, but in this home he’ll live life to the fullest in ways that he’s never done before. During the time they have together, Dimitri and Suzanne will love and help each other.


  • Director

    Jean-Pierre Améris

  • Main actors

    Jacques Dutronc, Sandrine Bonnaire

  • Release date

    November 7th 2001

  • Price

    Official selection 2001

    • Saint-Sebastian international Film Festival – Best director and solidarity
    • Marrakech International Film Festival – Best Actor Jacques Dutronc
    • Toronto international film festival

    Official selection 2002

    • Les Césars – Nominee / Best actor Jacques Dutronc
  • Production


  • French Distributor

    Pan-Européenne Edition

  • International sales

    FTD internationnal cinéma

  • Trailer