“Chemins de traverse” is the story of Victor, who takes to the road with his teenage son, Félix. Victor gets by as best he can and has brief encounters with women under the watchful gaze of his son.

For Félix, this journey awakens him to life. And when he falls in love for the first time he grows to understand his father and draws closer to him.

Their story is freewheeling and open, an easy wandering.

A film about love and loving…


  • Director

    Manuel Poirier

  • Main actors

    Sergi Lopez, Kevin Miranda, Lucy Harrison

  • Release date

    March 10th 2004

  • Price

    Official selection 2004

    • BFI Film Festival of London
  • Production


  • French Distributor

    Pan-Européenne Edition

  • International sales

    Pyramide Internationnal

  • Trailer