Pan Européenne

Pan-Européenne, founded in 1989 by Philippe Godeau and joined in 2003 by Nathalie Gastaldo Godeau as partner and producer, is a leading independent distributor and one of the most prolific French production companies.

Pan-Européenne’s early releases included Toto Le Heros (Jaco Van Dormael) and Savage Nights (Cyril Collard, winner of the Best Film César). Through a joint-venture with PolyGram Filmed Entertainment in 1994, Philippe Godeau released titles in France including Four Weddings and a Funeral (Mike Newell), The Usual Suspects (Bryan Singer) and Trainspotting (Danny Boyle). Through another joint-venture with independent distributor Wild Bunch, Pan-Européenne released major titles such as Rape Me (Virginie Despentes) and Sin City (Robert Rodriguez).

In parallel, Pan-Européenne entered production in the 1990s making Maurice Pialat’s last film, Le Garcu and the highly successful The Eighth Day (Jaco Van Dormael) which topped 4 million admissions in France and won the Best Actor award at Cannes’ award for Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne. Films produced by Nathalie Gastaldo Godeau include Largo Winch and its sequel, (Jérôme Salle).

Pan-Européenne’s reputation has grown internationally further with producing Jaco Van Dormael’s Mr. Nobody (Jaco Van Dormael) and more recently, Pan-Européenne has continued its collaboration with well-known French authors Romantics Anonymous and Family For Rent (Jean-Pierre Ameris), The Roommates Party and Joint Custody (Alexandra Leclère); and continues to produced international films such as The Odyssey (Jérôme Salle), with a strong international sales value such Raoul Taburin (Pierre Godeau) adapted from Sempé’s graphic novel.